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Songs, people

May 2, 2017

Here’s a question: would you rather meet a new song or a new person tomorrow morning? As you wake and sleepily brush your teeth before a cup of coffee tunnels down your throat, do you consider the day… do you ask what you’d like from this day and how that’s different from the last?

An awful habit I’ve cultivated has me making morbid remarks that ring true but aren’t more than false profundity – “one day you won’t wake up” is not good context for living a life. What I hope I mean to say is that time ticks forward and it’s rather stubborn, even rude. On a morning where you can barely think – your head aches, your neck aches – you can’t consider the day.


Berklee students play A.R. Rahman

May 2, 2017

There’s something sublime about how complex and all over the place – and yet precise – these compositions are and how well amazingly this Berklee ensemble executes on these songs.




Hearing this song after so long, I now realize I’ve always been as excessively eager and excitable as I am now… I feel like I listened to “Dil Se” thousands of times in the months after it came out.

Rhys Chatham – Guitar Trio

April 9, 2017

Guitar Trio is my life!

Joan as Police Woman: Holy City, Real Life

April 9, 2017


Feist – Mushaboom

April 9, 2017


“Mushaboom” is one of those songs I first heard in high school that made me rethink what I could/should/would expect from a song. Music can be so fun and meaningful – and hopeful and so much else – all at the same time.

Musicality is a journal now of these songs and other media that I keep returning to and form my vocabulary as I try to write. I realized the songs mean as much as the books and essays I read – everything goes into how I write and what I want to write about.